Assisted Living Consultants: Integrating Culture Change in Assisted Living Facilities

As Assisted Living Consultants, we often get a bird’s eye view into Assisted Living Facilities that need to undergo culture change.  We come across so many good-hearted managers and staff, that get caught up in the provision of care and meeting regulatory compliance, but struggle in changing the environment from an institutional setting to a homelike environment where people live their lives in fulfillment and purpose.

As Assisted Living Consultants, it is our job to help owners, directors, managers, healthcare coordinators and direct care staff, bridge the gap between great healthcare and a “home” that provides meaningful opportunities for individuals to live and contribute to their community.

Our presentation provides specific steps to not only integrate culture change into your Assisted Living Community, but to empower your staff to participate and provides incentives for staff to “buy into” culture change by addressing the following:

  • Community Integration
  • Cultural Integration
  • Resident Integration
  • Staff Integration

As experts in Assisted Living Consulting Services, LTCM consultants have found that by addressing these specific areas; a community can change its culture within a short period of time.  It just takes a commitment to make the change.  Give it a try at your community!